5 Ways to Avoid the Bumpy/Lumpy Spots After Liposuction

Lumps & Bumps that you find after a liposuction surgery procedure are caused by the fluid building up within isolated areas which last approximately six weeks.  The Aspen Rehabilitation Technique is a beneficial way to address liposuction complications, by flattening and smoothing out these isolated areas.  The Aspen Rehabilitation Technique (ART), is a patented, painless, non-invasive therapy method that utilizes sound waves in order to flatten out the areas that have been affected by these lumps & bumps.

With Aspens therapeutic techniques that are offered by Aspen After Surgery in Coral Springs, Florida the problem of the lumpy and bumpy are an afterthought.

What are the Lumpy/Bumpy Spots?

As stated, the lumpy/bumpy spots that follow a liposuction surgery are caused by fluid that builds up and is a normal reaction.  The surgical tool that is utilized during a liposuction surgery creates multiple tunnels in order to suction out the fat. It is very important to wear garments that are made for compression in order to prevent those tunnels from filling with fluids.

While the results can vary depending on the person, once these bumps and lumps have been dealt with, you can expect a more contoured, smoother, as well as slender body figure.

Ways to Avoid Lumpy/Bumpy Spots

Utilizing Compression Garments – compression garments help collapse the tunnels that are made with the tool that is utilized when suctioning out the fat.  In other words, a compression garment will help decrease the swelling and help the skin lay flat.

Failing to use this type of garment will result in the tunnels that were created when suctioning out the fat as well as the area that the fat once was to fill with fluid, which will ultimately lead to swelling as well as seroma formation.

Manually Massaging Skin – Lymphatic massages, do more good than you may have thought.  Manual massage, utilizing machines or devices can also be used, helps with moving the fluid around faster. Using this massage technique improves lumps/bumps that are due to scarring and swelling.

Power Assisted Liposuction Procedure (PAL) – Within this procedure instead of utilizing the normal cannula, a special one is used that transmits tiny vibrations that help with breaking up the fat cells so they are able to be suctioned out with less effort and trauma caused to the body tissue ultimately resulting in fewer recovery time.

The Aspen Rehabilitation Technique – Two weeks after surgery Aspen utilizes 5 treatments for the prevention of the feeling of lumpy/bumpy skin.

The Aspen Rehabilitation Technique is a patented process available through Aspen After Surgery located in Coral Springs, Florida and offers a 1-week FAST TRACK for qualified patients. Typically, the cost of travel and treatment is less than surgery and comes with none of the risks.  If you are considering plastic surgery or have already gone through the process, call us today to speak with one Aspen’s experts.

As surgery has a high re-occurrence rate for these issues happening over and over, The Aspen Treatment can also be provided in a patient’s surgeons office. Ask your surgeon for the Aspen After Surgery Treatment as an inexpensive option to surgery.