Capsular contracture is the biggest problem worldwide in breast augmentation surgery more pronounced in reconstructive surgeries where patients have a history of radiation.

A capsule is a normally occurring shell around the implant but when it becomes contracted this is where the breast becomes firm, sits higher, and may sometimes cause pain.

Massage has long been discussed by the plastic and cosmetic surgery community but its recommendation is divided. Let’s dig a little bit deeper into what clinically has been shown.

Multiple research studies have shown that whether patients massage or do not massage that it does not change the rate of encapsulation therefore showing that Massage does not prevent contracture.

Other studies have shown that once a patient develops a capsule Massage may show a temporary softening but due to the elastic nature of the capsule typically rehardens very shortly there after stopping the massage.

The reason for this is because the capsule has an elastic property similar to that of a rubber band that will allow a certain amount of stretch but will always snap back into place.

Further sometimes Massage is contra indicated for patients who have had textured implants as the texture of the implant may aggravate the tissue and create other problems. This is also true with shaped type implants.

The key to actually addressing capsular contracture non-surgically requires an additional ingredient.

The Aspen After Surgery Center has developed a treatment methodology that uses sound waves to create changes in the capsule tissue that when combined with massages as well as a static splinting techniques creates changes slowly over time that do not rebound and tighten like massage alone.

The Aspen After Surgery Center provides virtual evaluations to patients worldwide to assess the degree of their contracture and determine if the non-surgical program is an option.

After the Virtual evaluation they will explain in detail how the therapeutic program can produce immediate and long lasting results versus frustrating massages that may not provide a solution.

Watch Breast Massage Video below: