Our Capsular Contracture Prevention Program is not only for revision surgeries, but also for those patients seeking to ensure the best results after a primary breast augmentation. It is always best to be proactive, so you do not have to be reactive.

Capsular Contracture can have up to a 70 percent  Re-Occurrence rate.   Aspen After Surgery has developed a very successful protocol to help prevent the Capsule from Contracting post-surgical revision.

Hear from a patient who had revision surgery on her breast implants for Capsular Contracture. She knew CC recurrence rate was very high and she would likely get Capsular Contracture again after her revision story.


The Aspen prophylactic program provides for capsular contracture prevention by addressing the biological and mechanical nature of the capsule early after surgery. Utilizing an antibiotic in conjunction with external ultrasound, a phonophoresis process occurs in which the antibiotic is pushed into the deepest tissue  layers where biofilm lives. The combination antibiotic/ ultrasound has been shown through research to reduce biofilm replication as well as providing an aerobic environment which helps the antibiotic to be more effective (2,3).

The Aspen Prevention Protocol which begins at two weeks post-op provides early intervention of slow low- load mechanical deformation of the histological structure of the capsule. This pre-stretching codes capsule myofibroblasts to elongate within its early stages helping prevent capsular contracture and the classic upward , high appearing , asymmetrical breast implant. The Aspen program has been very  successful in providing surgeons the ability  to reduce surgical revision costs, offer a  post op insurance , and an alternate non surgical revenue stream.


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