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Face Therapy

Helping you to recover quicker after facial procedures.

How It Works

Nearly any surgery can result in bruising and swelling, which is a normal part of the healing process. However with facial surgery the swelling and bruising can sometimes be excessive and notably visible. The Aspen Multi-Energy System™ can help to minimize these effects and to expedite patient’s overall looks and recovery.

FACIAL FIBROSIS/FIRMNESS: Excessive swelling, hematomas, seromas, infections can lead to complications such as scarring and fibrosis to the face. Now with the NEW  The Aspen Mini- Harmonizer™ patients with hard, lumpy, bumpy knots to their face or other small areas can reduce Fibrosis with a combination of the Aspen Face Therapy protocols.

FACIAL SWELLING Excessive swelling can lead to complications such as incisions scarring and infections. Wounds that open may lead to infections as well. Now with the Aspen Multi-Energy System™ the patients swelling can be reduced with a combination of the Aspen Stimulizer™ and Aspen Illuminizer™ combined with Aspen Face Therapy protocols.

FACIAL BRUISING Bruising is another problem that may cause issues for patients and The Aspen Multi-Energy System™ can help. Bruising can cause an increase in bacterial content leading to infections and a delay in healing. Utilizing the Aspen Illuminizer™ patients are treated with the energy of the LED Light spectrum which helps improve circulation, wash away bruising, and increase collagen production. These three physiological changes often have a positive effect on healing bruises of the face.

NERVE DAMAGE Research also has shown the beneficial effect of The Aspen Illuminizer™ on nerve regeneration. (1,2) Whether nerve damage is on the face, breast incisions, tummy tuck incisions, or any peripheral nerve loss of motor or sensation, The Aspen Illuminizer™ can help.

1. Mohammed IF, Al-Mustawfi N, Kaka LN. Promotion of regenerative processes in injured peripheral nerve induced by low-level laser therapy. Photomed Laser Surg. 2007 Apr;25(2):107-11.
2. Rochkind S, Nissan M, Alan M, Shamir M, Salame K. Effects of Laser: irradiation on the spinal cord for the regeneration of crushed peripheral nerve in rats. Lasers Surg Med. 2001;28:216-219.




Improve the Healing & Sealing of your scars and bruising with the Aspen After Surgery Treatment.