What is the Aspen System?

The Aspen System is a US-patented treatment technique and technology exclusive to licensed Aspen Centers only that addresses issues after Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Facelift, and Tummy Tuck.


What does The Aspen Center non-surgical treatment for Capsular Contracture involve?

First, a series of painless soundwaves are administered over the breast. Next, specific implant massages and pocket expansion techniques are rendered by one of our licensed experts. Last, a compression garment is fitted to help adjust the position of the high or hard implant.


How many treatments do you have to schedule for breast contracture?

10 treatments for an existing capsule or 5 treatments for prevention of contracture that starts at 2 weeks after surgery.


What is your percentage success rate for breast contracture treatment?

The Aspen Center has a 90% success rate for qualified candidates. This has consistently been shown with our studies used to analyze both softness and shape.


Does it matter how soon treatment begins?

Yes. It is very important that you start the second a capsule begins, or you notice some changes post-op. The earlier the treatment the better the results! Treatment should not be delayed even if medications or massages are recommended by a surgeon.


Is there such a thing as a preventative treatment for breast contracture?

Yes. If a patient has had a family history, contracture problems in the past, previous surgeries for contracture, or a high implant that didn't drop, chances are they may benefit from Aspens prevention treatment right after surgery. This starts immediately post-op (2 weeks post-op) to prevent possible complications. The goal is preventing rather than treating a fully involved capsule.


My breast feels firmer and started to rise up after surgery. What could this be?

If you noticed a change in the softness of the breast, a change in the shape or position of the breast (usually upwards), or more pain or pain that does not resolve after surgery, then you may have the signs of Capsular Contracture. Be careful not to wait or hope that it resolves on its own. True Capsular Contracture does not normally “go away” and must be treated immediately for best results. Remember that taking medications, massaging, or waiting only allows the capsule to possibly become hardened and make the non-surgical treatment ineffective.


The local therapy place has an ultrasound machine. If I ask for this treatment will they know what to do?

No. Therapists (Physical or Massage Therapists, Chiropractors) have no training in this area professionally or continuing education-wise. They likely assume your doctor knows what he has ordered and experiment with you. Aspen Center clinical therapists have studied, researched, and developed this treatment protocol through years of international study and research. Don’t put yourself at risk or at best get no results!


I live out of town. How can I get this Treatment?

The Aspen Center offers an Out of Town Fast Track Treatment for qualified patients in the form of a one-week treatment program. Essentially, patients fly in on a weekend, receive a week of treatment, then fly out the following weekend.


How do I start treatment?

Easy. Simply call us at 954.341.7875 or complete the “Referral Help Line” form, so we can answer any questions. When you’re ready, we’ll set up your first appointment and start your treatments.