How Can You Avoid More Surgery After Having Breast Implant Surgery?

Capsular Contracture without surgeryBreast augmentation is a common procedure used by thousands of women to improve the appearance of their breast. Although this is a safe procedure, complications can and do arise on occasion as with any other surgery. Some complications can include infection, bleeding, rippling, problems with anesthesia, poor scarring, and capsular contracture which creates a firm, high and hard breast.

Top Complication of Breast Augmentation

Capsular Contracture

The exact cause of Capsular Contracture is unknown; however, one cause is believed to be bacteria that has entered the patient’s surgical area by way of their skin. Following surgery, within approximately four to six weeks, the tissue surrounding the breast implant begins to shrink and compress the implant, leading it to appear unnatural or slightly deformed and to feel hard or firm.

Unfortunately, Capsular Contracture does not improve over time; unless treated, it only worsens. Aspen After Surgery, in Coral Springs, Florida, is a post-plastic surgery treatment facility that specializes in a non-surgical treatment for capsular contracture. Research on the Aspen protocol shows that 90% of patients achieve improvement to a within normal limit softness and shape. By utilizing the Aspen Protocol, you will bring back the shape and softness of the breast as well as the symmetry. For best results, it is important to begin treatment once you notice changes post-op or when a capsule begins to form.

Avoid more surgery following your breast implant surgery:

During your recovery period after breast augmentation, there are some things you want to avoid. Following your surgery, you go home wrapped in surgical dressing and gauze which is removed after a couple of days. Wear a soft cup bra, such as a sports bra once the gauze is removed. Do not wear an underwire bra until your surgeon gives you the okay.

There are things you want to do following your breast implant surgery as well, this includes taking it easy to allow your body to heal. For the first day or two you will want to rest and for a period of time after your surgery, you will want to cut down on some of your activities. Avoid heavy lifting, pulling or pushing with your upper body for at least two weeks after surgery. The majority of women return to work within a few days. For your breasts to look their best and to avoid complications, your body needs time to heal.

Furthermore, you will want to follow a healthy diet after your breast augmentation surgery. This includes eating healthy foods as well as avoiding unhealthy activities such as smoking. The healing process is slowed when smoking due to the reduction of oxygen in the blood.

Before & After

Aspen After Surgery Treatment for Capsular Contraction Prevention

One of the best ways to avoid more surgery  following breast enhancement is with the Aspen Rehab Protocol. The Aspen technique is 10 treatments when used for existing Capsular Contracture; however, when starting 2 weeks after surgery, 5 treatments are needed and are used for the prevention of this complication. This treatment method involves a series of painless soundwaves, specific massages as well as pocket expansion, and fitting a compression garment.

If you experience any complications or have any concerns it is important to speak with your doctor as soon as possible.