How Does Breast Cancer Radiation Treatment Affect Your Breast Implants?

Radiation is often a vital part of proper breast cancer treatment. For most cases of tumors or large tumors that have reached the lymph nodes in the armpit (axilla), radiation is required. Research has shown that radiation provides an increased-benefit in reducing the likelihood of a tumor recurrence in the armpit or chest. Additionally, in certain patient’s radiation has increased the overall survival benefit.

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Significant Improvements in Breast Cancer Radiation Treatment

In the last several years with the development of newer treatment regimens, there has been a significant improvement in radiation treatment courses. In addition to reduced side effects, breast cancer patients also experience improved effectiveness rates in their cancer treatment. However, breast reconstruction is shown to have significant damaging effects caused by radiation. A burn resulting from the radiation treatment courses to the affected tissues, causes the fascia and skin underlying chest wall muscle to become hard, firm, and scarred. It is important to note that it may take many years before these effects become entirely apparent.

The overall outcome and appearance of breast reconstruction have been shown to worsen in repeated studies. This is especially so when implants and tissue expanders are utilized. Implants and tissue expanders increase the risk of complications, including infection, extrusion, capsular contracture, as well as a reduction in the overall aesthetic appearance.

Final breast cancer reconstruction should be considered only after radiation therapy has been completed. This would allow for the reconstructed tissue to be spared from the harmful effects of breast cancer radiation treatment. The scarred, burned and compromised tissues can thereby be removed prior to the breast reconstruction procedure. In the cases where breast implants were in place prior to a cancer diagnosis, or when complications such as capsular contracture occur, The Non-Surgical Aspen Rehabilitation Technique can be an effective resolution.

The Aspen After Surgery Center offers The Aspen Rehabilitation Technique

The Aspen Rehabilitation Technique involves a series of painless soundwaves that are administered over the breast. This step is followed by specific implant massages and pocket expansion techniques that are delivered by a licensed medical professional. Lastly, to adjust the position of the hard or high implant, the patient is fitted with a compression garment. For an existing capsule, ten treatments are required. However, to prevent this complication from occurring after breast augmentation, five treatments would be necessary starting the two weeks after surgery. For the prevention treatment patients should preschedule in advance starting right at 2 weeks after your final implants procedure.

The Aspen Rehabilitation Technique is a patented process available through The Aspen After Surgery Center located in Coral Springs, Florida and offers a 1-week FAST TRACK for qualified patients. Typically, the cost of travel and treatment is less than surgery and comes with none of the risks.  If you are considering surgery or have already gone through the process, call us today to speak with one Aspen’s experts.

As surgery to correct capsular contracture or other issues related to radiation scar tissue has a high failure rate, The Aspen Treatment can also be provided in a patient’s surgeons office. Ask your surgeon for the Aspen After Surgery Treatment as an inexpensive option to surgery.