Is Lymphatic Drainage Massages after plastic surgery important?

Lymphatic drainage ,commonly referred to as lymphatic massage, is a technique employed to stimulate the body’s immune system ,speed up recovery , and prevent complications after any trauma , accident, injury, infection, or surgery.

Lymphatic drainage

Although commonly referred to as lymphatic massage, lymphatic drainage is actually not a massage. The technique itself incorporates a very light hands-on touch that stimulates movement of fluid out of tissue into the very small tiny lymph vessels into the lymph nodes for the body to excrete and get rid of waste products and other harmful debris that can build up after surgery. The basis of lymphatic drainage is to help stimulate the body‘s healing ability to remove toxins remove inflammation and remove fluid that would otherwise create secondary complications

Complications after plastic surgery include hematomas, seromas, infection, contamination, bruising, swelling, all which can create other problems

These problems can show up in the form of increase scarring, keloids, unsightly looking skin, lumps and bumps after liposuction, hardknots, discolored skin and tissue and increases the risk for wounds not closing and opportunistic infections.

Other conditions that these opportunistic secondary problems cars are

Breast Implant Capsular Contracture

Liposuction contour irregularities causing the lumpy and bumpy appearance

Raised And Harden Scars

Pain, tightness, and swelling in area of surgery

Lymphatic drainage is important after any procedure because it helps speed up healing ,reduce complications, and helps you look better and feel better faster after your procedure.

It is important to note that the person rendering the treatment needs to be a licensed lymphedema therapist and have a CLT behind the title of their name. Just like a doctor has an MD after their name the person rendering your care should either have a CLT or an MLD associated with her education

Professionals claiming to be a massage therapist or lymphedema therapist may have minimal knowledge or training and will not produce the same result as a certified lymphedema therapist.

The Aspen After Surgery center provides certified lymphedema therapy after plastic and cosmetic surgery and can pre-book a lymphatic postop drainage package for you should you have a scheduled upcoming surgery or if you just had surgery

The Aspen After Surgery center can be reached at 1-818-478-9208. A clinical specialist will be happy to discuss your case after surgery or help you prepare for an upcoming surgery to get the best results.