The most common issue with LIPOSUCTION procedures is the wavy pattern that sometimes forms after the procedure. This is seen as a classic “Lumpy and Bumpy” pattern across or around the area of liposuction.
 The Aspen Harmonizer™, in conjunction with the Patented Aspen therapeutic technique, has shown to be very effective at treating this issue.
The results are a smoother flatter appearance and a happy patient that does not require further expense of more corrective liposuction procedures (which can create the same problem again).


How It Works

As with any surgical procedure it takes time for the body to heal properly.  Swelling, fluid buildup and scar tissue formation may occur after plastic surgery procedures and can be greatly reduced with SAFE, NON-INVASIVE and PAINLESS therapy provided utilizing the Aspen Multi-Energy System™ and Aspen Therapy.

Liposuction lumpy and bumpy

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for Aspen Liposuction Lumpy and Bumpy Treatment

This patient was referred to us after she developed hard lumps from her liposuction procedure. She also did the Capsular Contracture Prevention Program due to having radiation and a mastectomy this patient was at a higher risk of Capsular Contracture. Unfortunately for her, she had suffered from it once before, so and took all precautions to prevent it after her revision Surgery.

Male patient who underwent Liposuction Gynecomastia procedure to chest. Patient noted Incisions "puckering" in and hard knots and lumps near nipples after procedure. Pain was also a major issue. Listen how patient describes as he is now pain free and able to move chest/ arms without restriction after Aspen Treatment.

Our latest patient describes having Liposuction to abdomen in 2007 with onset of dimpling and firm "lumps and bumps" aka "contour irregularity" creating a rippled effect to her abdomen. She tried Radio Frequency technology (RF) treatment to area without success.

Hard knots and contour irregularity:  After liposuction it is not uncommon for a patient to develop hard problematic knots or bumpy areas where with the lipo was performed.