Liposuction is a procedure by which a licensed medical professional uses a suction tool to mechanically remove fat from a desired area. The goal of liposuction is to provide an alternative to normal weight loss through diet or exercise, especially in areas that can be stubborn with conservative measures.

Liposuction like any surgical procedure can come with its own complications and risks.

The top risks associated with Liposuction are listed below.

1. Contour irregularities: This is where the area of removed fat may appear to be lumpy, bumpy, wavy, or have dips showing unevenness.

2. Skin looseness or laxity: Patients who lose an excessive amount of fat, may not be able to have their skin tighten fully, and may have loose skin after the procedure.

3. Swelling or fluid that creates pockets called Seroma’s.

4. Reaction to the numbing agent or pain medication used like lidocaine. An Allergic reaction may occur and may produce adverse reactions to the patient.

5. Fat embolism: Fat creates a clot or clump that blocks blood vessels and is especially dangerous if in the heart or brain.

6. Organ failure.

7. Puncturing of internal organs near where Liposuction is done.

7. Infection or tissue necrosis: this can essentially cause the patient to suffer fever, tissue death, abnormal scarring, or may even require further surgery to drain the infected pus or fluid.

8. Numbness or loss of sensation around the area that had liposuction.

9. Liposuction contour irregularities: This is where the patient experiences a waviness, or almost like a cottage cheese like appearance from unevenness of the skin.

10. Liposuction Fibrosis: Liposuction Fibrosis is where hard lumps or knots are felt and essentially is like scar tissue underneath the skin. Fibrosis is palpable and can be felt like speed bumps or lumps under the patient’s skin, and like any scar do not spontaneously resolve or go away.


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