Poor wound healing of the abdominoplasty incision can lead to infection. Every minute an incision is open, there is a chance for bacteria to enter the wound and cause complications. Other complications that may occur are raised scars, myofascial adhesions, and areas of cord like banding above and below the incision line.

The Aspen Illuminzer™  uses LED technology that promotes cellular activity to the incision area. Studies show this spectrum proved optimal to heal wounds more quickly (1,2,3). The Illuminizer™, when combined with proper salves, scar creams and compression techniques, helps reduce scarring and improve the healing process of patients and their overall satisfaction.


Internal tightness due to scar tissue formation post Tummy Tuck surgery is a common issue that causes pain and discomfort. The Aspen Harmonizer ™ provides finely tuned sound waves to increase the circulation and elasticity of the underlying scar tissue. This in conjunction with specific Aspen therapy massage techniques help to soften the scar and reduce the pain of the patient more quickly.



Fluid accumulation and potential seromas is another complication that happens post Tummy Tuck surgery. This fluid buildup can cause pain and potential infections. The Aspen Stimulizer™ and the Aspen Illuminizer™ in conjunction with Aspen lymphatic massage techniques help to drain the fluids and increase the cellular activity to heal the seroma.


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