Ultrasound Therapy for Capsular Contracture or Capsular Contraction

Ultrasound Therapy has been around for many years in the medical world and used for a number of conditions. Ultrasound has many forms, energies, and applications and those many variations means its treats lots of conditions. Depending on this type of energy it can be used for orthopedics, melting fat, organs, diagnostics, and a whole host of other conditions. It can break down kidney stones, cause blood to flow, help wounds close, and help scar tissue loosen.

How do I know what is the right type of Ultrasound?

In order to know what the right type is we must understand wattage, duty cycle, frequency, depth of penetration and the parameters that dictates what it treats. Adjust one component and everything changes. You can not just grab a machine with a wand on a device that says “ultrasound” rub it over a breast and think it will treat capsular contracture.

Traditional Ultrasound machines have a hand wand that gets rubbed over the target area with a gel on the skin and moved around. These devices are not researched nor designed for capsular contracture. The manufacturer can not make a claim even off label that they work either for capsular contracture. These devices when used can not only do nothing but depending on use can actually harm and burn the patients underlying tissue and cause capsular contracture to worsen (and the patient doesn’t even know it’s the cause)

Is the Aspen System a researched / proven ultrasound device?

Yes, is the answer. The Aspen technology has been developed and researched for over 15 years and is designed specifically for capsular contracture aka capsular contraction. It is 90% effective in applicable patients. Please note that this is not a FDA claim that the technology alone treats, evaluates, or diagnoses capsular contracture or capsular contraction. The Aspen System is a method that combines a unique technology with therapeutic treatment methods that achieve its results. It is a total treatment program provided by trained medical professionals that gets its exceptional results. Statistically analysis of surgical correction shows capsular contracture can have up to a 70% failure rate with surgery so using this as a baseline compared against the Aspen System treatment makes it appear to be the best option in most cases.