Ultrasound Therapy for Capsular Contracture or Capsular Contraction

Ultrasound Energy has long been used in the medical community for many different forms of diagnostics and treatments. Ultrasound comes in many waveforms and depending on this type of wave can create radically different things. Ultrasound in very high energies can liquify fat for liposuction, ultrasound in very low frequencies can cause bone to grow and is used in the orthopedic communities for bone growth after fracture and a whole host of other conditions in the middle range of frequencies.

The nature of ultrasound depending on the form of energy and type of technology can create fractures in kidney stones such as lithotripsy‘s, improve circulation, create wound healing, or help elasticity within certain tissues.


So does ultrasound alone treat capsular contracture?

The simple answer is NO!  The complex answer is YES:  when combined with other therapeutic modalities , interventions,  and the right type of ultrasound technology. Ultrasound alone will not treat any clinical condition.


How do I know what the right type of technology is?

All technology is designed to perform under certain frequencies, waveforms, power wattages, and is target tissue specific. Just because the machine says ultrasound or has a wand that gets run over your body does not mean it is the appropriate machine for treating capsular contracture

Ultrasound machines that use a hand wand that gets a liquid gel applied to the skin then gets moved around in a circular pattern are traditional ultrasound devices and these devices are not researched, developed,  or factory designed for contracture. They frequently get mistaken for the appropriate types of ultrasound machines which were designed and researched for capsular contracture. These devices used inappropriately at best will create no change in the firmness or position of an implant contracture thereby wasting one’s time and money and at worst can actually burn patients and create denaturing of the protein around the implant capsule layer and cause a contracture to get worse.


Is the Aspen system a researched and proven ultrasound device?

Yes. The Aspen system has been developed over 15 years specifically designed to treat and use for capsular contracture. It has been researched to be 90% effective in applicable patients.

Please note that the device does not make a FDA claim that this device alone treats capsular contracture just like no device alone can claim it treats capsular contracture. The Aspen system is a method that incorporates unique ultrasound technology combined with therapeutic techniques and compression strapping systems that achieve our researched result.  It is the total treatment package rendered by a trained clinician that creates its success.

Watch Ultrasound for Contracture Video below: