What You Should Know Before Surgery About Breast Capsular Contracture

Breast augmentation is a commonly performed safe plastic surgery. As with all surgeries, breast implant surgery poses some risk for complications. One of these complications is called breast capsular contracture. With capsular contracture, the scar tissue surrounding the implant tightens, resulting in the firmness of the breast. In the more severe cases of this complication, the breast becomes misshapen and painful to the touch.

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Varying Degrees of Breast Capsular Contracture

While the formation of tissue is normal, when tissue contracts and creates a tight capsule around the breast implant restricting movement, causing hardness of the breast, it becomes a problem. The majority of capsular contracture cases occur within the first few months following surgery. However, it may happen at any time, even years after breast augmentation. The varying degrees of this plastic surgery complication include:

Grade 1: The breast is soft and appears normal.

Grade 2: The breast has some firmness but appears normal.

Grade 3: The breast has more firmness and starts to appear misshapen.

Grade 4: The breast is hard and painful and significantly misshapen.

Increases Risk of Capsular Contracture

This plastic surgery complication occurs in approximately 10 percent of patients that undergo breast augmentation surgery. While there is no way to predict who will experience capsular contracture, there are some risk factors that increase your chance to develop capsular contracture:

·      Trauma to the breast

·      Radiation therapy

·      Silicone molecule seeped from the implant into the tissue of the breast

·      Complications following surgery, such as infection, fluid buildup, or excessive bleeding

Prevention Methods

The Aspen Rehabilitation Technique is an effective tool used for both prevention and treatment of capsular contracture. For the prevention of this condition, Aspen Rehab will involve 5 treatments that start 2 weeks following surgery. However, for treating an already existing capsular contracture, 10 treatments are required.

Aspen Rehabilitation Technique

The Aspen Rehabilitation Technique is a painless, non-invasive treatment method where a series of soundwaves are administered over the breasts. Next, a medical expert will deliver specific implant massages and pocket expansion techniques. Lastly, to help adjust the position of the implant, a compression garment is fitted on the patient.

While there is no sure way to prevent capsular contracture, learning about this complication can help you make an educated decision about minimizing the risk.

Aspen After Surgery Coral Springs, Florida

Aspen Rehabilitation Technique is a patented process available through Aspen After Surgery located in Coral Springs, Florida and offers a 1-week FAST TRACK for qualified patients. Typically, the cost of travel and treatment is less than surgery and comes with none of the risks.  If you are considering plastic surgery or have already gone through the process, call us today to speak with one Aspen’s experts.

As surgery has a high re-occurrence rate for these issues happening over and over, The Aspen Treatment can also be provided in a patient’s surgeons office. Ask your surgeon for the Aspen After Surgery Treatment as an inexpensive option to surgery.