Where to Get Help with Liposuction Complications

Liposuction is a very common plastic surgery, pursued by both women and men of all ages. Liposuction is also referred to as lipoplasty, body contouring, and body shaping. This surgical procedure is used to improve body contour by removing pockets of fat from specific areas of the body. These areas include buttocks, abdomen, arms, neck, face, back, hips, legs, and breasts. In most cases, people obtain liposuction for aesthetic reasons. However, doctors also use this procedure to treat medical conditions that involve fat deposits like lipoma and gynecomastia.

What Does Liposuction Surgery Involve?

Liposuction involves the use of cannulas, thin metallic tubes, that are inserted into the body through small incisions in the patient’s skin to break up fat cells, that are later removed through suction. To improve fat removal, powered liposuction may also be performed. The fat cells are removed permanently, the skin shrinks down, allowing the final contour to be achieved.

Typically, liposuction is performed while under a local anesthesia in addition to sedation. Liposuction surgery rarely requires the patient to stay overnight at a hospital. In many cases, liposuction is combined with other surgical procedures such as a tummy tuck. The fat that has been removed from the liposuction procedure can be purified and transferred to other areas of the body such as face or buttocks to create a wanted body shape or restore volume loss.

Surprisingly, recovery after liposuction surgery is easy and most patients can expect to quickly return to their normal activities. Liposuction, as with all other surgery’s, carries a risk of complications. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated.

While extremely rare, if you experience any liposuction complications following surgery it is important to contact your doctor or surgeon as soon as possible. Liposuction problems can include but are not limited to bleeding, infection, burns, sudden darkening under the skin, cloudy discharge or pus from the incision areas, uncontrollable pain, foul odor from incision areas, and blisters or holes.

Liposuction Side Effects

Unlike liposuction complications, side effects may occur that are not harmful. One of these such side effects is from bad liposuction. Asymmetrical results and an odd appearance occurs when the unwanted fat is not removed evenly from both sides of the body. It is important for your surgeon not to hurry and to precisely mark your treatment areas prior to surgery.

The most common side effect of liposuction is known as lumpy and bumpy. This is a wavy pattern that sometimes forms following the surgical procedure.

Treatment for Lumpy and Bumpy Side Effect

Patented Aspen therapeutic technique, combined with the Aspen Harmonizer is extremely effective in the treatment of lumpy and bumpy. The results from this treatment method are a smoother appearance that does not require more corrective liposuction procedures which can not only be costly but can possibly create this problem again.

Aspen Rehabilitation Technique is a patented process available through Aspen After Surgery located in Coral Springs, Florida and offers a 1 week FAST TRACK for qualified patients.Typically the cost of travel and treatment is less then surgery and comes with none of the risks.  If you are considering plastic surgery or have already gone through the process, call us today to speak with one Aspen’s experts.

As surgery has a high re-occurence rate for these issues happening over and over, The Aspen Treatment can also be provided in a patients surgeons office. Ask your surgeon for the Aspen After Surgery Treatment as an inexpensive option to surgery.